theragenomics: useful links

For the educated and apomediary patient expert, treating physicians and personell in health care, as well as for researchers, thasso provides here a collection of useful links in theragenomic medicine deemed useful to visit when cruising the field of theragenomic and personalized medicine and individualized drug safety.


Theragenomics Information

Medscape (Medscape Genomic Medicine, Genomic & Personalized Medicine)

Medscape (Medscape Oncology; Focus on Cancer Genomics)

MedScapeIndia (MedScapeIndia Unite for cure)

FDA (Accepted Biomarkers in Drug Labels)

PharmGKB (The Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase)

PharmGKB (Cancer Pharmacogenomics)

CPIC (Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium)

My Cancer Genome (Targeted Cancer Therapies, Tumor Mutations)

openSNP (Provide your Personal Genetic and Phenotype Data)

The Flockhart Table ( Clinically important substrates and interactions in the  CYP450  world)

Human Cytochrome P450 (Compilation of Alleles)

European Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium

African Genetic Medicine Portal (AGMP)

Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa)


Genetic Testing

List of Cleared or Approved Companion Diagnostic Devices (FDA cleared or approved)

List of Human Genetic Tests (FDA, approved)

Genetic Testing Registry (Conditions, Phenotypes)

Genetic Home Reference (Consumer friendly genetics information)


Personalized Medicine & Science

NCI-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice Program (NCI-MATCH)

Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation (CAGI)

Public Health Genomics (from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC))


Adverse Drug Reaction(s) (ADRs)

MedWatch FDA (Safety Information and Adverse Effect Reporting System)

Health Canada (Recalls and Safety Alerts)


Drug Labels

Drugs@FDA (FDA Drug Labels, searchable)

DailyMed (FDA Drug Labels, slightly different presentation, searchable)

EMA (EPARS and other materials, searchable)

ANSM (Base de Données des Médicaments Publique, French)

MHRA (Medicines Information, SPC and PILs)

Swissmedic (Product Information; four languages: en, fr, it, de)

Health Canada (Drug Product Database; follow on site instructions for its  usage)


Information On Medicines and/or Therapies


Medscape (Generalized)

WebMD (Generalized) (Generalized)


Wikipedia Medicine (Generalized, Entry/Overview)

EMA Clinical Data


Drug Gene Interaction Database (DGIdb)

IDICAP (for cancer patients (in the US and Canada)

Men’s Health (Erecctile Disfunction)


Information On (Rare) Diseases

GeneBass  Public Accessible Datasystem on Rare Diseases and Genetic Background

Mesothelioma Cancer Guide (Mesothelioma Law Firm)

Mesothelioma (Mesothelioma Prognosis Network)

Mesothelioma (Source: Wikipedia)

Mesothelioma (Mesothelioma Fund)

Mesothelioma (Mesothelioma Guide)

Mesothelioma (

Mesothelioma (Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation)

Mesothelima ( Hope and Help)

Beta  thalassemia (Overview on thalassemias)


MyGene2 (Online resource for open data sharing on rare diseases)

Clinical Trials Portal (IBTA) (list many additional registries worldwide)

Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine

Applied & Translational Genomics




Legal & Law (

Drug Injury Watch (Tom Lamb)  (Overview on lawsuits)

Worst Pills, Best Pills (Sidney Wolfe, and

Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP) (OECD, Preclinical)

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

Infographic (Ways To Fund Cancer Treatments And Other Financial Resources For Cancer Patients)

Open Source Pharma (OSP, Medicines for All)



Genes and Children

Birth Injuries Guide (Help for parents and families)

Kids Sense (Genetic Disorders in Children)

Children’s National (Genetic disorders and defects)


Genes and the General Public

KnowYourDNA (What to know about your DNA)

Genetic Basics (Six things you should know)

Genomics Education (For the public and experts alike)


Genes and Diets, Wellbeing, Alternatives

Yum of China (Chinese Foods)

COGNITUNE Smarter Health (Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism)



Disease Prevention, Control, and Help

(ECDC) European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

(CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA)

(CCDC) Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

(PHAC) Public Health Agency of Canada

(GHSA) Global Health – South Africa


Addiction (Genetics, Treatments, Recovery, and Mental Health)

(NIDA) Genetics and Epigenetics of Addiction

(RehabSpot) RehabSpot: Treatment of Addiction

(Addiction Center) Addiction Center: Drug Addiction / Substance Use Disorder

(AddictionIntervention) Everything Addiction & Recovery

(Addiction) Locate Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

(Detox) Chapel Hill Medical Detox

(Recovery) Intrepid Medical Detox

(Grace Land) Drug Addiction Recovery Center

(Harmony Place) LA Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

(North Jersey) North Jersey Recovery Center

(Lido Wellness) Lido Wellness Center/Mental Health Treatment

(PhoenixRising) Phoenix Rising Recovery

(Free by the See) Addiction Treatment Center

(New Directions for Women)  Women Seeking Help from Addiction

(Kingsway Recovery) Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Center

(Miracles Recovery) Port St. Lucie Rehab Center

(Rock Recovery Center) Addiction Treatment Resources

(BRC Healthcare) Bringing Real Change

(Recovery Center) Northern Illinois Recovery Center

(Recovery Center) Nashville Recovery Center

(Detox Nashville) Nashville’s Premier Alcohol and Drug Addiction Detox Program

(Casco Bay Recovery) The Addiction Treatment Center for Maine and Beyond

(The Owls Nest – Addiction Recovery Program) Addiction Treatment Center in South Carolina

(Achieve Wellness & Recovery) Alcohol/Substance Use Disorders & Interventions

(Chapters Recovery Center) Alcohol/Drug/Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

(Find Freedom From Addiction Today) North Jersey Rehabs

(Renewed Light) Renewed Light – Mental Health Facility in New Jersey

(Luna Recovery) Luna Recovery Services – Houston, Dallas, Nearby

(mind + MD) Beverly Hills Wellness Center

(telstoneIOP) Behavioral Healthcare Treatment, West Palm Springs, FL

(Freedom Through Action) Live Free Recovery Services

(Orlando Treatment Solitions) Your Recovery Begins Today

( CA Hormones) Premiere Health Organisation & HRT Clinic in CA

(Magnolia City Detox) Drug and Alcohol Detox in Houston

(First City Recovery) Indiana’s Premier Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

(Digital Intellect) Rehab Substance Abuse – The Digital Intellect Team

(Westwind Recovery) Los Angeles Treatment Center

( The Help Company

(Substance Abuse Treatment) Focused Addiction Recover (FAR),North Carolina

(Jaywalker Lodge) Rehab Immersion Program, Colorado

(Tuluahealth) Tulua Health: Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment in Santa Monica, California

(Treatment & Rehab)  The Discovery Institute: Drug & Alcohol Detox in Marlboro, New Jersey

(Legends  Recovery) Legends Addicction  Recovery

(Sanalake Recovery) .The Sana Lake Difference. Saint Louis, Missouri.

(Sanalake Behavioral Wellness) Addiction Treatment in Missouri

(Veteran Substance Abuse) “A War on Home Soil”


Diseases of the World (Genetics, Initiatives, Remedies)

(MalariaGEN) Behind Malaria and the Individual Risks

(Ebola+) IMI: The Innovative Medicine Initiative


COVID-19 (Disease, Vaccines, Recovery)

Post-COVID-19 (Guide to returning to “Normal”)

COVID Recovery (Your road to recovery)

COVID-19 hg (COVID-19 host genetics initiative)

CDC, COVID-19 (Centers of Disease Control)

COVID-19 (EMA, European Medicines Agency)

COVID-19 (WHO, World Health Organization)