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Abartig: Wieso werden schwangere Frauen mit Sildenafil (Viagra) behandelt?

13. Februar 2019 – Diese Frage haben sich viele Leserinnen und Leser gestellt, als bekannt geworden ist, dass bei einer inzwischen abgebrochenen klinischen Studie in den Niederlanden, in welcher schwangere Frauen mit Sildenafil (Viagra) behandelt wurden, offenbar  neunzehn (19!) Babys gestorben seien. Mehrere werdende Mütter,

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Erektionsstörungen: Gefährliche Potenzmittel aus dem Internet

21. September 2010 – Das Schweizerische Heilmittelinstitut Swissmedic hat gestern den untenstehenden Text betreffend “Potenzmittel aus dem Internet” veröffentlicht. Die Mitteilung spricht für wohl sich!


20.09.10 –  Swissmedic, Schweizerisches Heilmittelinstitut, hat 120 Proben beschlagnahmter Importe von Erektionsförderern im Labor untersucht. Die untersuchten Potenzmittel waren fast ausnahmslos im Internet bestellt worden.

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  • Silencing gene expression to cure complex diseases October 26, 2020
    Many people think of new medicines as bullets, and in the pharmaceutical industry, frequently used terms like "targets" and "hits" reinforce that idea. Immuneering co-founder and CEO Ben Zeskind '03, Ph.D. '06 prefers a different analogy.
  • Bits of genetic material called microRNAs may drive metabolic disorders October 26, 2020
    In a study published today in the journal Cell, UC Berkeley Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology professor Anders Näär led a group of researchers from 12 institutions in the United States and Europe, to better understand a region on the second human chromosome previously linked to both the digestion of milk and metabolic disorders. They discovered […]
  • New York City's coronavirus outbreak spread from more European sources than first reported October 26, 2020
    The COVID-19 pandemic started earlier than previously thought in New York City and Long Island by dozens of people infected mostly with strains from Europe. A new analysis also shows that most of the spread was within the community, as opposed to coming from people who had traveled.
  • Cause of Alzheimer's disease traced to mutation in common enzyme October 26, 2020
    Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have discovered a new mechanism by which clumps of tau protein are created in the brain, killing brain cells and causing Alzheimer's disease. A specific mutation to an enzyme called MARK4 changed the properties of tau, usually an important part of the skeletal structure of cells, making it more likely […]
  • Researchers uncover crucial gene for growth of Ewing sarcoma October 23, 2020
    Researchers at the Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu (IRSJD) in collaboration with those at Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) have discovered that RING1B is a critical gene for the development of Ewing sarcoma, a rare type of developmental cancer that presents in bones and soft tissues. This newly uncovered epigenetic vulnerability in Ewing […]