Synthetic cannabinoids unauthorized: Brainfreeze

Synthetic cannabinoids unauthorized: Brainfreeze

Last Updated on August 26, 2017 by Joseph Gut – thasso

August 26, 2017 – Health Canada is advising Canadians of unauthorized products called Brainfreeze Potpourri or Brainfreeze Herbal Incense that are labeled as herbal products and contain synthetic cannabinoids. This product is being sold in speciality tobacco stores and head shops in Edmonton, Alberta, and may also be available for direct purchase through online retailers.


Synthetic cannabinoids, when inhaled or ingested, can lead to severe health risks, such as vomiting, chest pain, increased heart rate, vision blackouts, headaches, kidney damage, agitation, high blood pressure, and psychosis. Health Canada has received one report of a serious adverse reaction following use of the product.

Do not purchase or consume products labelled as “synthetic marijuana”, “smokeable herbal incense”, “exotic herbal incense”, “potpourri”, or “legal high”. Consuming these products may lead to serious adverse health effects. It is illegal for products to contain ingredients that are synthetic preparations of cannabis, which are regulated under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Consumers who have these products in their possession are strongly advised to dispose of them immediately.

Retailers who have these products in their inventory should contact their legal counsel for advice on how to properly dispose of them. Synthetic cannabinoids are regulated through the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and subjected to seizures from law enforcement. Legal action can be taken against the seller and consumers who have these products in their possession.

Taking un-authorized synthetic canabinoids for whatever reasons might already be a slightly brainfreezed action in itself and might actually lead to clinical brainfreeze in individuals who take them. The least one can say is that the marketing people in the present case have chosen for these un-authorized products  the perfect product name. It may rest with the clients / customers to recognize the hidden message and / or  facts. While Health Canada has issued the present warning, the problem is not confined to Canada. The problem of synthetic cannabinoids being on the market, under all kind of misleading product names, and mostly labeled as some kind of herbal. or natural, or legal, or wonder, or whatever, is a global one. You could call it a global epidemic. Consumers be aware.

Readers should, of course, not confuse the problem of use of un-authorized synthetic cannabis with approved medical uses of cannabis products.



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