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Valproic acid (Valproates): Malformations and birth defects (1 reply and 1 comment)

2 years ago
thassodotcom 2 years ago

The use of valproic acid containing medicines (valproate) in women of child bearing age is more and more questioned.

9 months ago
thassodotcom 9 months ago

There are some actual measures in Europe for a contraindication of valproate-containing medications in pregnant woman and strong protective measures for women of child bearing potential.

Here the german text:

5 months ago

In France, valproate-containing medicines are now definitively (effective End of June 2018) a contraindication in pregnant woman and in woman of child bearing potential, be it in Bipolar Disorder- or Epilepsy-treatment.

See here, and follow the links in there for information applying to the measures taken by the European Union (EU) too.

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