Information and communication technologies make possible the global interaction, exchange, and easy interactive sharing of infornation between individuals or groups of individuals in real time and independant from an individual’s geolocalization. This may include personal (as in Facebook), professional (as in LinkedIn), or multimedial (as in YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flipboard, etc.) information and data.

thasso portes and extends these concepts into the field of health and disease. No one single human individual at any one place worldwide is alone neither with his diagnosis of a disease nor with his options for sucessful therapy.

thasso facilitates sharing and exchanging personal information and data on the health and/or disease status between single individuals or groups of individuals, the therapy and treatment options, the therapy outcomes, and last but not least, the emotional roller coaster when facing serious health issues.

thasso allows and furthers the get together of individuals with similar or identical health conditions and/or destins in order to learn from each others experiences, successes, but also failures and disappointments.

thasso: together we are getting stronger.