thasso is the glocalized network in theragenomic and personalized medicine and individualized drug safety for patients and patient subgroups communities with identical genotypes and phenotypes with similar therapy options in health and disease as well as for physicians, health care professionals, and clinical and basic researchers alike. thasso provides access to and sharing of personal and professional information to each single individual worldwide. thasso furthers the collective wisdom among patients and health care professionals and enables true participative medicine.

At thasso, you will find thasso post, thasso community, thasso toolbox, and thasso academy.

  • thasso post provides to its readers news in the field of theragenomic and personalized medicine and in drug safety as well.
  • thasso community provides a social network and community where users of thasso can connect, make friends, meet fellow patients, chat with online members / friends, take advantage of and contribute to the collective wisdom of communities, and discuss hot topics in the forums area.
  • thasso toolbox allows users to easily access up to date knowledge on theragenomics and on drug related information such as adverse effects and interactions. Links to registration authorities, open access journals and clinical trial registries are provided as well.
  • thasso academy provides a space for companies, health authorities, and interested parties (interest groups, patient groups, organisation, the public at large) to place educational and/or promotional materials concerning drugs, drug’s mode of action, and/or clinical action and therapies.




Complementary Note: Today’s thasso is an evolution of the legacy SafeBase platform by the former TheraStrat AG, whose intention was to make available professional theragenomic knowledge to experts, health care professionals, and clinical and basic researchers alike.

Legacy Paper: Theragenomic Knowledge Management

Legacy Paper:  SafeBase Concept