Medscape: Don’t Fear the Future of Medicine Medscape: 23andMe CEO on Her Mission to Shake Up Preventive Care Medscape:  E.J. Topol, MD, on the Icons of Medicine: Time to Retire the Relics? Medscape:  R.F. Redberg, MD,  on Statin Expansion: Hold the Rx   FDA Video: Drugs FDA Video: FDA Approves More Than 150 Antiretroviral Drugs for Global HIV/AIDS Relief FDA Video: Prescription Acetaminophen/Opioid Combinations: Making Pain Medicines Safer   PLOS  Video: EH’WOZA Leaving the Lab and Addressing TB Stigmas and Taboos   YouTube: Personalized Medicine YouTube:  The Evolution of humans documentary 2014 YouTube: Inside the living body YouTube: Secrets of The Human Brain (Full Documentary) YouTube: Life in the womb (The miracle of man’s creation)  

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